Who We Are

We,“HaquakHelmak”Association -which means achieve your dream associationare a non-profit development work organization. We care for the working children in the slum areas, whether working or combining work and study, as well as their siblings.


Our message is to make the educational opportunities available for the child that is deprived of services in the slum and marginalized areas, in order to develop his capabilities and knowledge, and to prevent him from being isolated from the little community that he lives among. This is why we conduct activities that reclaim his self-confidence and make him capable of taking decisions that serve his interests, in the present and in the future.


We all, in the association, believe in the Child Law, and the importance of committing ourselves to protect him, according to the Child Policies, that many International Foundations emphasized.


Childhood stage is significantly important because the child grows up relying on his family, then the circles grow and he starts to rely on his older siblings and on the school. He learns at school skills that help him grows his personality, and understand his capabilities and talents, so he can fulfill his dreams when he grows up.


But the child who is deprived of school, or sound family care, doesn’t find the educational, nor the developmental, opportunities. Hence, he has to work, or his family drops him out of school, because of the education is lousy, or simply to have him make money; so, he finds himself entering the world of adults and labor market. He is consequently exposed to harsh treatment and is deprived of his simplest rights. He is all of a sudden loaded with burdens that should be the responsibility of only adults.


Therefore, “HaquaqHelmak Association”(HHA) intervenes, through its projects, in the child’s affairs with the family and the business owners. The projects that focus on the deprived children should be integrated in their activities and strive to change the family’s mindset. The sister of the working boy deserves to be educated and not to be married at the age of 14. The boy can think about completing his education regardless of his old age. He should also learn the housework in case he has to live by himself. The association intervenes with business, or workshop owner, to properly treat him and to protect him from work hazards.


Therefore, we diversify our programs and activities. We give full attention leadership and to playing, thinking, eating, travelling, and to being creative together.


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